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Our members appreciate a wide variety of equipment, exercise programs, clean locker rooms and an attentive staff that respects their time and space. From team sports to group activities to individual instruction, we can define a fitness program that suits anyone’s unique ability and lifestyle.


We don’t just want you to join, we want to be part of the reason you’re able to achieve your healthy goals week after week, year after year!



February 13, 2016

Good Morning Amanda,

I just have to give you a big THANK YOU shout out for helping me reach my fitness goals! I came to you in August wanting to become stronger so I could lift my canoe and enjoy paddling sports once again in my life. I also wanted to tone up so I don't have so much "aging flab". I wanted my
clothes to fit better. In addition, of course I wanted to LOSE WEIGHT so I would look good in pictures at my son's wedding!

These were all lofty goals for me, but you assured me that by coming up with a solid exercise plan and being mindful of what I eat that I could achieve my goals. Well, in five months I lost 17 pounds, dropped 2 sizes and was able to enjoy water sports during the Fall season. I can't thank
you enough! I feel great! Now, I have set some new goals for myself which include losing a few more pounds, dropping another size or two and become even stronger. I am motivated...

My husband told me that he is proud of me. He also said I inspired him to joined Sportsclub! Sometimes we exercise together! We are on our way to being "healthy seniors!"

Emily Chester

January 19, 2016

As a new member of Sportsclub, I received two personal training sessions. I had attended many of the classes and really enjoyed everything Sportsclub had to offer but once pregnant, decided to use my training sessions to learn prenatal exercises. Michele Abbott was my trainer, and it could not have been a better match. She had previous experience with training moms to be and was a fit mother herself. She took the time to learn additional exercises to benefit me during my pregnancy, and also post pregnancy, as well as sharing healthy foods and recipes to try.


I was able to work out up to 38 weeks, maintain muscle tone, avoid a lot of the back pain and other issues pregnancy brings, and keep my weight gain below 35 pounds. The delivery of my precious baby girl was healthy and recovery was much easier because of the shape I was in from Michele's efforts. I know that I could not have motivated myself without her and am so, very thankful for Michele.

Jessica McCurry

January 08, 2016

Thank you so much for understanding and working with me! You guys are so great and have such amazing customer service! Honestly that is why I stick with Sportsclub. It would be easy to find another gym to call home for less money, but I have learned that you get what you pay for when you do that. Having Sportsclub in my corner on my fitness challenge has been such a huge help!!! In 2015 alone I lost 100lbs. From Jan - July I lost 40lbs doing water aerobics at the club and attending nutrition classes you have offered!

Then July (surgery month) – Dec I lost 60lbs. I know I wasn’t able to work out majority of that time but I am so glad to be back at it and seeing all my ladies in the pool! They are so precious! Always encouraging me, and holding me accountable!

Tina Hack

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