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Junior Tennis

Sportsclub Tennis offers various on court instruction, no matter what age or skill level. Whether a beginner or high school level competitor, your child will receive instruction, coaching, and encouragement from our experienced professional staff. For children 10 years and under, we have implemented USTA's QuickStart training program to cover the basics of tennis and strengthen their love for the game. To grasp a better understanding of how tennis is played, children start out with altered court sizes, racquet sizes, balls, scoring systems, and net height.


During your first session, our tennis professionals will help set your child up with specialized recommendations based on USTA guidelines according to their size and skill level. 

8 Years & Under

The USTA's general guidelines for children aged 8 years and under consist of a 36' x 18' court size, up to 23" racquet, very low compression ball, and a 2' 9" net height.

orange court.jpg

10 Years & Under

The USTA's general guidelines for children aged 10 years and under, the court size changes to 60' x 21', up to 25" racquet, low compression ball, and a 3' net height.

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Junior Programs

From beginner skill development to more advanced player skill refinement, our Junior Clinics offer a great learning experience to any level junior player.

Drop-In Pricing

Single Clinic: $15 for members / $20 for non-members

Clinics Package Pricing

13 Clinics / 13 weeks:

$13 each = $169 for members

$17 each = $221 for non-members

Ages 10 & Under Clinics

Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Ages 11 & Up Clinics

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Sportsclub Kids Specialty Camps

Looking for a half-day, week-long summer camp devoted to kids' tennis? Sportsclub Kids and Sportsclub Tennis offer several camp dates. Sign up by contacting Sportsclub Kids at 864.331.2530.

Competitive Juniors

Junior Team Tennis (Spring & Fall)

Get your kids involved by joining a competitive and fun team here at Sportsclub! They will be grouped based on age and level. This is an excellent introduction for novice players and a way for more experienced players to broaden their skills and compete against other similar ages and talent. All players must be USTA members.

For more information and pricing, email us at

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