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The benefits of working with one of our Personal Trainers start with our standard of excellence. All of our Personal Trainers are nationally certified, with their qualifications proudly and prominently displayed in each club and online for your review. Your goals, fitness level, schedule, and medical history are all considered when we pair you with your Trainer. As you progress, your Trainer will too, reinventing your workout to accommodate your results. Because results are why you’re here!



Whether your endgame is to run a marathon or lose weight for an event, our Trainers consider your goals in your specialized workout program.



From beginners to experienced fitness enthusiasts, our Trainers will provide exercises comfortable for you on all fitness levels.




Some people are morning birds and others are night owls. Whatever your favorite time of day may be, we have Trainers available to help you on your fitness journey.



The program built for you by our Trainers will consider physical restrictions and benefit your health without causing further injury.



Meet Our Fitness Managers

While each of our fitness coordinators are Nationally Certified Personal Trainers, they also specialize in pairing you with the Trainer they feel is right for you. In your first conversation with one of our fitness coordinators, you will discuss your training style, goals, and schedule. From this point on, they will match you with the ideal Trainer based on your needs and begin the process to building your custom program.

Patrick Burmeister


IMG_1927 - BW.jpg
Sarah Gunter


"Giving up is not an option.”

I have been athletic since I was very young but I found a passion for exercising when I was in college. I enjoyed seeing the changes in my body and in my mind and I never wanted to stop. Making the choice to be a trainer was easy because I love helping people and I love working out. The saying is ‘find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life,’ and I’m blessed to say I have found that.

This is why I'm a trainer. 


Five Forks

"You only get one body; treat it kindly.”

Ever since I was a kid, I loved fitness. Once I figured out that I could make a career out of helping people with their exercise, I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life.  I love seeing the process in which people change their lives and live healthier. I am inspired by what I do daily and could not ask for a more rewarding career.


This is why I'm a trainer. 

Ignite Programming

Lets Get Started


Like Healthy Start, iStart is an introductory fitness program that introduces new members to Sportsclub’s equipment and programs while having the accountability and expertise of a personal trainer. The iStart program is designed for the INDIVIDUAL. This one-on-one program provides a low-pressure introduction to exercise routines and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Click here to check out the iStart Brochure


Healthy Start is an introductory fitness program that introduces new members to Sportsclub's equipment and programs while having the accountability and expertise of a Personal Trainer. The program lasts three weeks and no major medical history is required prior to beginning. Healthy Start provides a high impact, low pressure jump start to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.


Click here to check out our video overview


Fitness Experience is a complimentary one-on-one appointment with a Sportsclub Personal Trainer. During a Fitness Experience appointment, the Trainer will ask for a brief medical history and discuss your fitness goals. The Trainer will then introduce you to different types of equipment, exercises, and techniques that will give you a head start on your road to wellness.

Contact membership or ask a personal trainer at any of our three locations to schedule you appointment today. 

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