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p.r.e.p.®  is Sportsclub's 60-day, Physician Referred Exercise Program that introduces participants to exercise. p.r.e.p.® participants meet with medical fitness professionals twice per week in small groups and have full access to all of Sportsclub's amenities. Whether you have special medical needs or just need to jumpstart healthy habits, Sportsclub's Physician Referred Exercise Program is the perfect place to start.

  • Physician Referral Required

  • $60 for 60 Days

  • Join at the end of 60 days and receive a $60 account credit (12-Month Contract Required)

  • Or receive the Healthy Start/iStart program at no additional cost!


  • 60-minute intake with the onsite Registered Nurse

  • Customized prescription exercise program based on health history

  • 2 weekly small group training sessions with supervision by nurse and medical fitness trainer

  • 30-Day Assessment and progress checks with a registered nurse

  • Nutrition Seminars (updated schedule coming soon)

  • Copy of progress notes and program results to share with your physician

  • FULL ACCESS to all 3 Sportsclub facilities



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