p.r.e.p.®  is Sportsclub's 60-day, Physician Referred Exercise Program that introduces participants to exercise. p.r.e.p.® participants meet with medical fitness professionals twice per week in small groups and have full access to all of Sportsclub's amenities. Whether you have special medical needs or just need to jumpstart healthy habits, Sportsclub's Physician Referred Exercise Program is the perfect place to start.

  • Physician Referral Required

  • $60 for 60 Days

  • Join at the end of 60 days and receive a $60 account credit (12-Month Contract Required)

  • Or receive the Healthy Start/iStart program at no additional cost!


  • 60-minute intake with the onsite Registered Nurse

  • Customized prescription exercise program based on health history

  • 2 weekly small group training sessions with supervision by nurse and medical fitness trainer

  • 30-Day Assessment and progress checks with a registered nurse

  • Nutrition Seminars (updated schedule coming soon)

  • Copy of progress notes and program results to share with your physician

  • FULL ACCESS to all 3 Sportsclub facilities

p.r.e.p.    tracks


The first appointment participants have is the intake. During the intake, the nurse reviews medical history, health conditions, lifestyle, and physician recommendations. The nurse also evaluates biometrics BMI, weight, and blood pressure. Together the patient and the nurse set specific goals to achieve during the program and develop a physical activity plan based on these goals. After the p.r.e.p.® team develops an exercise program specific to the participant's needs, abilities, and goals, they devise an expected schedule of physical activity. These specific programs are specially formulated tracks to help the participant achieve their goals properly. p.r.e.p.® now has 9 designated tracks for the health of the individual patients.

p.r.e.p. ® TRACKS

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p.r.e.p.    FAQ's


How much will it cost?

The program costs $60 for 60 days.


Will I be able to use Sportsclub outside of my twice weekly appointments?

Yes, you will have a fitness membership to Sportsclub throughout the program. Come as often as you like!


I do not have time to exercise. How long will my session last?

We understand you have a busy schedule. To ensure success, we only ask you to complete two 30 minute workout sessions each week.


How do I get started?

Most doctors embrace the idea of prescribing exercise and wish all their patients would take part!  Ask your physician if you are a candidate for p.r.e.p.  Then have your physician simply complete and fax the referral form to Sportsclub. We will be in touch within 24 hours to get you started.

p.r.e.p.    testimonials


I felt like p.r.e.p.® was my security blanket after a rather long recovery from my hip replacement surgery. We have been Sportsclub members for 8 years and know how important exercise is as we age. p.r.ep.® gave me a feeling of knowing that I was not going to exercise the wrong way and endanger my progress and recovery. p.r.e.p.® gave me support and confidence to be sure to exercise safely after my surgery. The trainers were very helpful and willing to correct me when I might be doing an exercise incorrectly. I felt like they really cared about my progress. 

Carol O'Keefe


p.r.e.p.® has helped me get back to a more healthy lifestyle by eating much better food and moving. I feel better and can enjoy life a lot more. Your health is your wealth!

Ron Kowalka


After the p.r.e.p.® program, I am feeling better. I have set goals for myself and I'm quite determined to achieve them. The instructors in the program are wonderful. 

Brenda Gantt


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