Raisedbarre™, the premier pre-choreographed barre program, proudly finds its home in Sportsclub Greenville and Sportsclub Express Simpsonville. Owned by 3 of Sportsclub’s own, Laurie Greenway, Michelle Cofer, and Ben Robinson, Raisedbarre™ is growing quickly. The Raisedbarre™ choreography that begins inside Sportsclub is now being taught by instructors in 8 states spanning from California to Vermont. Raisedbarre™ is designed for all fitness levels and is a fun and energetic class set to great music! Come see how Raisedbarre™ puts an athletic twist on classic barre movement by checking the Group Fitness schedules at both Sportsclub Greenville and Sportsclub Express and find out more about Raisedbarre™ at www.raisedbarre.com.