Raisedbarre™, the premier pre-choreographed barre program, proudly finds its home in Sportsclub Greenville and Sportsclub Express Simpsonville. Owned by 3 of Sportsclub’s own, Laurie Greenway, Michelle Cofer, and Ben Robinson, Raisedbarre™ is growing quickly. The Raisedbarre™ choreography that begins inside Sportsclub is now being taught by instructors in 8 states spanning from California to Vermont. Raisedbarre™ is designed for all fitness levels and is a fun and energetic class set to great music! Come see how Raisedbarre™ puts an athletic twist on classic barre movement by checking the Group Fitness schedules at both Sportsclub Greenville and Sportsclub Express and find out more about Raisedbarre™ at www.raisedbarre.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why RaisedBarre™?

Consistency among instructors, fresh content to keep members engaged, camaraderie and social engagement as part of the rbNation.

Do you need equipment?

It could change from release to release, but typically the program entails balls, barres, small weights, and resistance bands. Raisedbarre™ barres are sturdy yet portable.

Socks or no socks?

We vote socks but again – not a requirement. Why socks? Better awareness of the foot placement and protects the base of the foot.

What do I wear to a RaisedBarre™ class?

If you are comfortable in capris or legging, it is easier for participants to see the instructors’ movement and for an instructor to see the participants’ technique. Certainly not a requirement.